2009 -Two Bestselling Australian Family Sagas in One Volumereleased in Australia and New Zealand.

2008 -Verschlungene Pfade(A Track Winding Back) goes into Weltbild Bestseller List.

-You can call me Elliewon theSASSY AWARD for "Strength of Spirit".

- Horror, Fantasy and Young Adult Fiction writerKim Wilkinsreceived TheLynne Wilding SASSY AWARD for "Excellence".

2007 - Anne receivedThe InauguralLynne Wilding SASSY AWARD for "Excellence".

Lynne Wilding was an internationally bestselling, award winning author of twelve mainstream novels. She was also the Founding President ofRomance Writers of Australiaand spent many years encouraging Australian writers.

Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013