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From the bestselling author of Under Southern Skies comes a gripping saga of love, ambition and the unswerving conviction of an unforgettable woman.


Set against the steamy tropical north of Papua New Guinea and Australia's Snowy Mountains, the winter playgrounds of the mega rich, is the story of Kylie Harris, a woman with a thirst for adventure.


Cate Perry's future couldn't look brighter. She's learning about life on the land, and has just completed her first solo flight over the vast Northern Territory cattle station she calls home. And she's falling in love with handsome, gentle Alf. Read more...

Song of the Bellbirds is a bittersweet tale of love and heartache, set against the vast wheatfields of Queensland and the glittering opera houses of Europe and America.


Two Best selling Australian family sagas in one volume!

From the black-soil plains of Australia to the rolling hills of England comes an uplifting tale of passion, courage and determination .... and a love as enduring as the land itself.

Pain Free Living - a cookbook for arthritis sufferers

Suitable for sufferers of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, the diet also helps ease fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondylitis (a form of arthritis) -and as a bonus, you can lose weight.

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One Australian family’s story of love and determination
Winner of the 2005 SASSY Award for 'Strength of Spirit'

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Love, Obsession, Secrets and Lies

Nine great Australian authors on love and other passions.

Stories from Jennifer Bacia, Robyn Lee-Burrows, Emma Darcy, J.H. Fletcher, Beverley Harper, Anne Rennie, Lilly Sommers, Lynne Wilding and introducing Sue Williams.

Mother Love

Complied bySelwa Anthony and Selena Hanet-Hutchins
with contributions from Australian mothers including Anne McCullagh Rennie

Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013