Reach for the Dream

Sometimes life takes you on a journey you never expected...

Alice Ferguson is eight years old when a savage bushfire tears her family apart and she is sent to live with her aunt in the tiny town of Billabrin. Lost and lonely, Alice finds comfort in the beauty of the outback. As her confidence grows she dreams of creating her own home and breeding the best wool in the country.

Alice's indomitable spirit take her far from her roots and the land she loves. As tragedy strikes again, Alice must summon every ounce of her will to keep her dream alive–but nothing can prepare Alice for the treachery of her jealous cousin or the betrayal of the only man she ever loved.

A beautiful story of passion, courage and determination from the bestselling author of Under Southern Skies and Ride with the Wind.


'The Australian Outback has inspired some of the most outstanding and memorable pieces of Australian literature - and to that list can now be added Anne McCullagh Rennie's story Reach for the Dream.'New Idea

Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013