Ride with the Wind


From the bestselling author ofUnder Southern Skiescomes the story of one woman's courage in a man's world.

Joanna Kingsford is passionate about horses. teh scent of leather, sweat and hay, the clatter of hooves - this is the world she shares with her father, champion trainer Charlie Kingsford.

Jo couldn't be less like her socialite mother. Nina wants Joanna to pursue more ladylike interests, like modelling and finishing school. Jo can't think of anything dulled.

When a tragic accident changes everything heartbroken Jo is determined to prove she has what it takes to become a champion trainer. She flees to England, where, amid the winter frosts and the northern skies, her career blossoms and she soon finds love.

...But what of Jo's long-held dream of following in her father's footsteps back in Australia? Can the land and skies of home be so easily forgotten?

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Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013