Under Southern Skies


Cate Perry's future couldn't look brighter. She's learning about life on the land, and has just completed her first solo flight over the vast Northern Territory cattle station she calls home. And she's falling in love with handsome, gentle Alf. Then a tragic freak accident changes Cate's life forever.

Grief and shame drive her to Tamworth, where she meets the talented Nat and quickly stumbles into a singing career. But fame begins to take its toll, and just when Cate least expects it, Alf steps back into her life. Will Alf and Cate face up to their feelings, or forever live with the consequences?

Lyrical, passionate and heart-warming,Under Southern Skiesis the uplifting story of a young woman determined to make a life for herself in the sweeping Australian outback. From the dusty cattle stations of the Northern Territory to the vibrant Tamworth music scene, this lively engaging novel perfectly captures the spirit of the land.

Published byPenguin Group Australia

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Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013