When the Snowgums Dance


Set against the steamy tropical north of Papua New Guinea and Australia's Snowy Mountains, the winter playgrounds of the mega rich, is the story of Kylie Harris, a woman with a thirst for adventure.

When glamour and fun turn to tragedy Kylie is forced to reassess her life and chooses to help others. As an aid worker she falls in love with Danno O'Keefe, the man of her dreams and her soul mate. Not everyone, however, can be trusted and happiness is an elusive gift. Tragedy returns and Kylie must rebuild her life in the face of enormous pain and loss. Heartbroken, Kylie is convinced she will never again love so deeply or so passionately.

She is determined to move forward. But can she find the courage to let go of the past?

Legend of the Snowgums
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Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013