Chapter Index


Chapter 1: Whirlwind romance

Chapter 2: Culture shock

Chapter 3: Fighting for his life.

Chapter 4: Ellen Elizabeth.

Chapter 5: Early intervention

Chapter 6: Turning point

Chapter 7: A determined little Waif

Chapter 8: A little bit of green mesh

Chapter 9: Carving her own path

Chapter 10: Guidance

Chapter 11: Moving in the wrong direction

Chapter 12: Our UK trip

Chapter 13: New beginnings

Chapter 14: The angels keep coming

Chapter 15: ‘It’s not on the list!’

Chapter 16: Rites of passage

Chapter 17: White Christmas

Chapter 18: Building skills

Chapter 19: The artist emerges

Chapter 20: You can call me Ellie’

Chapter 21: The way ahead.


Appendix 1: Contacts

Appendix 2: Ellie’s favourites

Appendix 3: Ellie’s paintings

Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013