Quotes and reader's comments

What the critics say

‘Inspirational, educational and a great read!’ Yvonne Collier, RADIO 99.3FM

‘A crash course in inspiration and determination’ SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

'Humorous, emotional, heartbreaking and uplifting’ THE ADVERTISER

‘Inspired by daughter Ellie, author Anne McCullagh Rennie pens a moving memoir.’ – Karina Machado WHO

‘I reviewed (You can call me Ellie) and was very moved by the wonderful story you tell Congratulations, Anne, on writing such a powerful insight into your and Ellie’s world and for sharing your inspirational journey with us and our readers.’ - Lu Sierra, Senior Editor, Reading Series READER’S DIGEST

‘Ellie’s paintings are exquisite'- Karina Machado, WHO

'She [Ellie] knows how to communicate with people very directly and how to get her message across. Most of all though, she brings laughter into people's lives - and there is nothing more wonderful than that.' - Kate Wilkie PROFILE

'You can call me Elliewill appeal to anyone who likes reading autobiographies and biographies, but it has particular relevance to those with an interest in Down syndrome. Anyone who has a young child with Down syndrome will find thatYou can call me Elliewill give encouragement and hope for the future. In telling her family story Anne relates stories about early intervention, speech therapy, educational and work, amongst other things. In doing so she addresses some of the broader issues of social justice and the rights of people with disabilities. Anyone who is wife and mother will relate to some of the experiences she shares in the book, the struggles, the milestones, the setbacks the joy and the achievements inherent in maintaining relationships and raising children.' - Anne Naylor, DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION OF NSW (Book Review 2005)

Readers comments

‘I have just finished reading your book and wow what a great read!’ SM, Sunshine Coast, Australia

‘I have just put your book down and felt I had to write to you and tell you how much I loved reading it and what an inspiration you are to all of us!’ SD, Catus, France

‘It is a real inspiration to read about all the wonderful things you [Ellie], have achieved, and are achieving. It was also lovely to read about the music and books you love and to see your lovely paintings. You are all such an inspiration!’ JM, Hildenborough, KENT, UK

'Very inspirational - She[Ellie]'s an inspiration.' Jan Chris Friends of Liverpool Library

Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013