PFL Diet - Q & A

Questions most frequently asked about the Pain-Free Living Diet

1. How long will it take before I see any improvement?

Within one week you should notice some improvement. After two weeks it should be more obvious and within one month you should notice a significant improvement as long as you have remained absolutely strictly on the diet.

2. What can’t I eat?

Red meat, mild products including cheese and margarine containing milk or whey, fruit (including tomatoes), egg yolks, all additives, preservatives and colourings, vinegar and cocoa. There is an extensive list of foods you can and can’t eat – the ‘Yes’ list is longer than the ‘ No’ list!

3. Will I lose weight on the Pain-Free Living Diet? / I don’t want to lose weight, how can I stay the same or gain weight?

Unless you are already on a low fat diet you may at first lose some weight on the Pain-Free Living Diet, however after a while your body will stabilise and yu can choose to eat fods that will help you either lose or gain weight.

4. Is the Pain-Free Living Diet expensive?

No, quite the reverse. You will probably find your supermarket bill reduces allowing you to indulge yourself in delicacies like smoked salmon, fresh trout and to buy the best cuts of chicken.

5. How can I live without fruit?

How can you live with the pain?

6. If I give up milk and cheese what about osteoporosis?

Other foods, including canned fish, pulse, nuts and root vegetables contain calcium (see section on nutritional value of foods and extra supplements). Pain-Free Living recipes use soy milk and rice milk. Make sure you always buy the brands fortified with calcium

7. Will it do me any harm?

No. The Pain-Free Living Diet includes all the five food groups, with soy milk taking the place of cow’s milk. Make sure you chose brands fortified with calcium. Being high in natural oestrogen, soy products help keep the skin and body moist and youthful. Eat regular healthy meals and stick to any essential dietary needs you may have. Do not come off your medication without discussion with your doctor or health consultant. Rice milk is now available as another milk alternative.

8. Will I need to take extra vitamin supplements?

Women particularly are advised to take extra iron, calcium and supplements for general well-being (see section on nutritional value of foods and suggested extra supplements to boost your energy).

9. Will the Pain-Free Living Diet cure me of arthritis?

As far as I am aware there is no cure for arthritis. Since going on the Pain-Free Living Diet, I no longer take medication for arthritis and for the last fourteen years I have been free of the pain and misery of arthritis, as have many others worldwide. However it can take as little as 10 minutes for pain, stiffness and swelling to return if you eat foods off the diet.

10. Can I drink alcohol?

The only alcohol allowed on the Pain-Free Living Diet is bourbon whisky and vodka as they are not based on fruit. However I don’t find these appealing so I stick to soda water and mineral water. Having been force to stop drinking alcohol I found I very quickly got the same high from being around people and having a good time. I ask for my soda water in a champagne glass, I never have a hangover and I can always drive home safely.

11. How closely do I have to stick to the diet?

For the first month follow the diet rigidly eating food only from the ‘Yes’ list. After your condition has significantly improved try re-introducing foods one at a time. If the symptoms return immediately remove the food from your diet.

12. We are all different so why should this diet work for me?

Yes we are unique. However the Pain-Free Living Diet worked for me. It worked for Dr dong and for countless other arthritis sufferers worldwide. Give it one month of your life ane then reassess whether or not you wish to continue.

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Anne McCullagh Rennie 2013