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'pacy, spirited and moving' Australian Women's Weekly

ride with the wind - out in paperback January 2014

reach for the dream- coming soon (see below)


From the bestselling author ofUnder Southern Skiescomes the story of one woman's courage in a man's world.

Joanna Kingsford is passionate about horses. the scent of leather, sweat and hay, the clatter of hooves - this is the world she shares with her father, champion trainer Charlie Kingsford.

Jo couldn't be less like her socialite mother. Nina wants Joanna to pursue more ladylike interests, like modelling and finishing school. Jo can't think of anything dulled.

But a tragic accident changes everything … read more

reach for the dream (due 28 Feb 2014)

Sometime life takes you on a journey you never expected...

Alice Ferguson is eight years old when a savage bushfire tears her family apart and she is sent to live with her aunt's family in the tiny town of Billabrin…read more


'The Australian Outback has provided inspiration for some of the most outstanding and memorable pieces of Australian literature - and to that list can be added Anne McCullagh Rennie's story Reach for the Dream.'New Idea

'A warm-hearted outback coming-of-age saga, lyrical and uplifting.' -

Queensland Country Life

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